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Mk4 Ls With Mk1 Gs Sport Wheels

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Hi everyone. I have ventured over from the GS side. I'm very tempted by an LS that we have in the family. Its a MK4 with the DHP kit fitted. It sits lovely and low but IMHO it would look better if it sat on my spare set of of MK1 GS sport wheels. I know the fronts will probably fit but would I be able to use the ten inch rears?

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That IS a Mk 4. 98 -01. In some folks opinion, the epitome of Lexus cars! Mark 3 was 95 (late) to 97/8. 4s started the headlight wrapping around the wing. now seen on every car near you?

As to the wheels. Have no idea, but I recall that the brakes are rather big. On mine, you couldn't even fit lead stick-on wheel balance weights without them rubbing on the brakes! So it's the depth and width of the internal wheel. Plus of course the arch size.

Nice car though. More car than you'll ever need! VERY quick, very comfy!

Have a good 09.

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Thanks Chris.

The main reason for me wanting it of him is the LPG conversion that was fitted in July this Year. It would take something special to get me out of my GS even after 3 and a half years ownership.

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