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Satnav For A Non-navigator Mkii Gs300

Lexus virgin

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Hi all,

I currently have a stock GS300SE (non-navigator) and I would like to fit a sat-nav. Ideally I would like to fit the OEM Lexus navigator from a scrapped GS. However I am aware of three problems:-

  1. Wiring - The GS navigator may have a different wiring loom. Some manufactures cut production cost by fitting the same loom to all versions, so if I am lucky I can just plug in the required components.
  2. DVD - the sat-nav needs a dvd drive, or at least I will have to temporarily connect it to one to read the disk (which I will need to get hold of as well) or I could read the DVD onto a CD using my computer, but this would be unlikely to work I guess.
  3. GPS antenna - The system needs a GPS antenna, but is this included in the sat-nav head unit?

The slightly easier option is to rip out the existing stereo and replace it with a DIN facia and fit an aftermarket such as the Navman iDN 3000 (7" screen) which would also play DVDs and connect to a rear view camera, games console etc. The slight fly in the ointment is that the DIN facias I have seen are all black, but my beige GS interior has brown facias. Also such a unit will be attractive to theves, wheras no-one would try to take the OEM unit.

Thoughts anyone? :question:


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To be honest nowadays I'd just buy a TomTom as otherwise you'll be ploughing money into getting this all set up and you won't be getting anything at the end when you sell the car - whereas with a portable device you can just take it with you so thieves would be none the wiser - apart from the marks on the windscreen where the holder is sat but most of the dirty druggies just want something they can smash and grab and be gone ASAP and if it's not in sight then they'll probably go to the next car!

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