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Grill Respray


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Am thinking of respraying a grill as mine is broken I have found another one in a diff colour anyways has anyone done this themselfs using a spray can

and do you have any tips if i mess up no big deal take it to bodyshop and get it done but thought il give it a go myself

have no idea at all first time. someone said somthing about leting the paint bake? what does that mean or cant i get the same effect doing it at home

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Paint from lexus or get a can of the stuff they mix up from Halfords, prep the grille well by rubbing it down etc then undercoat it. Leave it to dry for as long as it says then rub it down again to get the undercaot smooth with very fine wet and dry, wash it with a mild detergent and leave to dry thoroughly.

Once you have done all that then you are ready to spray the topcoat, the biggest problem here is finding somewhere clean and out of draughts wind etc (i spray my stuff thats small enough in the bath and the missus goes barmy every time).

Start by just giving it a few light sprays to build up a bit of colour and build it up slowly without building up too much paint in one place otherwise it will run. Once you get the depth of coat and coverage you want leave it to dry for at least 24hrs, the baking process is what speeds this up.

Then put the clearcoat/lacquer on the same as you put the paint on and you are there.

If i do it i'll usually put on 2 thin coats of undercoat rubbing between each coat, 2 - 3 thin coats of paint and 2 coats of lacquer. Always spray in the same direction too

Hope that isn't too sucking eggs

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