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Go ahead. I think you will find answering a question on topic isn't against the rules.

You ban was 100% your own achievement and nothing to do with me.

Happy Christmas!

You are 100% incorrect and do you know why..... xmas has gone and infact you should be wishing me a happy new year.

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no gord im on 50% now, although 20% of that dates back to dec 05 for deceiving the swear filter.. i wonder if it works like points on your license and they get removed after a while..

You have to ask to have them removed by the mod that gave them to you :winky: all nice like to :D

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you said warnings are now permenant meaning that they were once not, so when did they become permenent.

please also define considerable period.

Warned on Oct 22 2005

Warned on Jan 15 2006 (3months, prob not long enough granted)

Warned on Dec 13 2006 (11months is a long time, nearly a year)

Warned on Dec 6 2008 (2 years is deffo considerable)

Warned on Dec 14 2008

Could you please remove the warnings dated dec 13 06 and dec 6 08, its strange how most are given in december lol.

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