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Lightscribe Cd/dvd Writer?


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I have one, they don't laser overly dark in contrast but they look better than scribbling with a marker pen.

Been using RiDisc I think there called, not sure as im not in my study. Good discs though, no faults so far. Lightscribe discs are a tad more to buy though, almost to much in difference. Ebay I found pretty reasonable on them.

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Cheers guys,

Just found some disc's at 50 for £9 which is about the same as i'd pay for 50 standard?

Dont really do many cdr's or dvd's but like to have a cover on the disc for all the photo albums i do, so the time it takes is just one of those things really, plus the drive i've just brought has different quality settings so can do 1 in about 7mins (according to the book?) at low/medium quality and in good quality about 20mins :)

When you put the cost of buying the cd sticky covers and the ink i use, it probably works out not much difference in cost?

But good to know they do a good job :D

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Bit delayed, but I've got a lightscribe writer and find it's a good way to label discs. Use Verbatim discs myself which have been fine.

However, I've got an Epson printer that can print directly onto discs and find this to be a much better solution for things I actually want to look good :)

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