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I appologise in advance if this is covered allready or in the wrong place (have looked but alas i am a numpty)

1, Does any one know what the OEM HID bulb is ie 4000k 6000k or 8000k.

2, Do lexus as standard on 3.0 litre engines use fully synthetic oil (this was used on my service even got a free 1 ltr can and smart pouch to boot).

3, I see the letters TRD used often about various styling bits and bobs do the have a web site.

Many thanks for any help you can profer.


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The standard OEM HIDs are 4100-4300k.

The reason they have a bluish tinge is due to the headlamp used - the beam itself is ~4100k but at the ends of the beam pattern you get the rainbow type effect which is why they appear a different colour than they actually are.

HIDs also start off a different colour when warmed up but quickly settle at the final colour temp - ie ~4100k :)

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