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Quick Question About Numberplate Bulbs


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Got a weird problem with my numberplate bulbs - one is bright and white as you'd expect and the other really dim and yellow in colour.

Could it be the filament is on the way out in the bulb or is it indicative of another fault somewhere else?

I've got some new ones to put in from Halfords - just got to figure out how the heck you get to them on the GS / Aristo!

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I feel a tit now - swapped them both over earlier and found out why one looked crap - it must have been a special bulb as it was coated in silver - thing was it was half the brightness of the other light so I've popped the Halfords bulbs in and jobs done - all right as rain now :)

What made me laugh is that it was the silver coated one that looked dim and yellow :lol:

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