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My Project Ii

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Hi mates,

just want to present you my new turbo project. B)

Well, to be serious it's already finished and I have put all the info

into the "MyIS" Forum, because there I could put more pictures in one thread,

which was not possible here, I would have to split up all the posts I have created. :yawn:

You can read the whole project here, all what I have done on it in the year 2008.

Go here:

My Project II

Take some time and enjoy the thread! ;)

Have fun....

Mike :)

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Today I did some pictures in the bright forenoon-sun.

(sorry for not washing the car --> freeze :rolleyes: )

But it just should show the actual condition of my Lexus IS300 Turbo

As soon I have done some body-works I will get it into a foto-shooting-session. ;)










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Some small update:

We have changed the wastegate spring (11PSI down to 5PSI)

due to wintertime, much safer for slippy streets :rolleyes:

Boost I can set higher anyway with the BC function.

Well so far, maybe you was missing some oilcatch-tank on the pictures,

not any more.... ;)

Light-Construction made of paperboard :P :lol:




Of course we finished it out of some 3mm stainless-steel :cool:



Paint-Job done and get in..... there is it, with its level meter :)



And I have found some nice tubes for the vacuum connectors...




And not to forget.....

I have done something for traction:


Lexus IS300 Rear Traction Rods


Lexus IS300 Rear Toe Control Arms





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Great looking car, plenty of hard work gone into that :winky:

Can't believe you took the leather out, I love the grey leather in the Sportdesign............understand your reasons for taking it out though :)

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Thanks for the reps mates :)

Well yes the leather interior was pretty cool, but I prefered the cloth seats as well.

(BTW I'm selling the grey leather interior with the door panels in same colored leather covering,

maybe somebody is interested)

I wanted to put the whole thread in here too, but I noticed that it wasn't possible

to post threads with as much pictures as I have on My.IS, so I would have

to split all the posts up into smaller pieces :yawn: and I wasn't willing to do that. *gg*

But all the updates I will be doing I am going to post here though. B)

At the moment we have to do some changes, which we'll be doing next weekend:

- remove rear HKS coilovers (screw ring is stuck due to salt and smut)

- remove downpipe and wastegate, reconnect vacuum tubes

(I think we have wrong connected the vacuum tubes to the wastegate and boost solenoid)

(We have smelled exhaust gas coming up from downpipe, maybe there is some leak)

- readjust muffler (it's hanging too low and is hitting the suspension in the rear)

- we have to put some tube to the manifold that the engine can suck some air at idle

(idle rpm is too low)

- reconfigure AEM ECU and setup boost control

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OMG what a bada$$ job on the suspension..... :shutit:

Servicing HKS Hipermax II coilovers

Why and what for?

About 5 years ago we have cleaned the coilovers pretty neat

but didn't think about to put some grease on the thread :crybaby:

OK that we look like :crying::angry::sick:

The adjusting rings didn't even move 1mm with any wrench anything like that.

This means REMOVE!


Springcompressor plugged



No twisting not nothing was possible, either the HKS-Tool or any big fat wrench was useless........ just a heavy hammer was the only way... :o


Also heating was for the a$$


Last chance for the second coil was to use 2 hammers,

a small one for resting on place the big one for the punch


Erm.... well..... maybe somebody has got it with a shotgun... :blink:



The edges had been heavily damaged so I had to recut them


Removing salt, rust and dust


But this time we were smart and put some steel cable grease on it,

pretty indestructable sh!t but it does its job well





Finish! ......after 5 hours :blink:



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Good job mate,

hmm maybe something i should look at checking myself as well.

Oh do so, you will appreciate that!

Just put some lube around the thread and let it work for 1-2 days before working on your coils

it will help you to make everything easier.

And don't save on lube go on with some extra load, the thread will suck it in.

When they are loosen get the rings to lowest position, clean the whole thread and put some

good grease on which can't get swashed away by water/salt and stuff. ;)

alot of work m8, but do they work fine now then? good stuff :D

Yes it was a bloody job and I was really afraid to destroy the ring,

On the second coil I was hammering for 1,5hrs like an animal on some piece of concrete or something else. :shutit:

But the material seems to be some extra strong forged aluminium, it was not SS.

Well we have twisted the ring for about 4-5 turns in 1,5hrs :tomato: now guess how :shutit: :crybaby: :tsktsk: it was?!?

I had been worried about damaging the thread too, but then as soon it was loosen, we have seen it wasn't. :blush:

As soon it was cleaned, the ring was easily running up and down, one small touch and it was running for itself

for 2-3 turns :)

Well now the bada$$ grease we have found there should prevent rusting and sticking together

due to salt, sand and stuff.

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  • 3 weeks later...


I'm offering right now my light-grey leather interior (electr. & heated)!

Front and rear seats, door panels and heating control panel!

Just one in Europe!

On ebay:

Click here

Maybe somebody is interested :winky:

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i wouldnt recommend greasing the threads, as it will attract dust and dirt, and eventually will wear off

best to wrap the threads tightly in insulation tape, it will protect the threads from corrosion and can be peeled off to reveal nice clean threads

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i wouldnt recommend greasing the threads, as it will attract dust and dirt, and eventually will wear off

best to wrap the threads tightly in insulation tape, it will protect the threads from corrosion and can be peeled off to reveal nice clean threads

Never mind.... also if dust and dirt would get into greased threads, they will get loosen pretty easy.

Grease always reduces friction, you will wonder how non-greased threads will work,

it doesn't matter if tape or no tape, water always finds its way and the result is..... look my thread above ;)

At all grease resists against water!

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