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New Guy Here But A New Discovery For Dim Needles

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I am a new guy here from China.

I have a 1997's LS 400.

There are some of my experience to share them with your guys.

My dashboard used to turn to flicker and dark. Then I changed C202 & 212. It's OK.

How to fix a fuel guage that is to show the correct fuel level?

1. Change IC-SE094, C142 & C147. They might be aging.

2. Change the mainboard because it's aging.

3. Change the fuel position sensor in the tank because it's spoiled.

And resently my speed and tachometer needles turned to flicker and head-end dark.

Thanks for Matthew_McNally's pinned topic: How to fix your speedo needle when it does not work (

However, I thought that it's not the perfect way to solve the problem.

I began an experiment to fix my dim needles last Sunday.

I found that the black paper in the back of needle was broken. I supposed that the needles is a small fluorescent lamp. So, it means the lamp, or the needle, needs to be electrified between the two ends. And it also means that the black paper is the wire.

Then, I used a very very thin brass wire to instead of the paper to connect the speed needle's two ends.

And I installed the dashboard into my car and turned on the key.

The speed needle was totally bright. I was surprised.

So, I changed the the 3 other needles' black paper into brass wires without further ado.

Now, they are all working well.

Hoping my experience could help your guys.

There's my DIY's strut brace bar. It was made yesterday.

enjoy it!

best regards from China,


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Welcome to LOC UK.

Very nice work on the strut brace I cannot find one for mine as it has the TEMS coilovers and the bar will not fit over the extra height.

Yes, it's definitely right. Someone has to choose the arch structure because the limited engine room.

I chose to saw the bar because my bar is too thick.( 14mm) :-)

It's really difficult to find strut brace for LS 400. So, I had to DIY.

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