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Laptop Gpu Performance


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Hi guys - need you help pls, I recently bought a lovely HP Laptop (HDX X16-1010EA), it has: Video Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT & Video Memory - Up to 2302 MB (512 MB dedicated).

Which should be plenty! I would say for about anything, now I love flight simulators & I bought MS Flight simulator X & i've found that its actually not doing that great, it has quite a large screen resolution (1920 x 1080p) & its full HD 1080p.

Do you think this monitor & screen resolution will be affecting the frame rate? should i buy a second monitor say a standard 15" LCD? or will that not work, this isnt my area of expertise :)



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Mate, have you just tried lowering the Windows display resolution to see if it runs any quicker then?

Or is there an option in the game to actually drop it down a bit, say to 1024x768?

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Have a nosey at this mate:

Depending on the type of video card and monitor that you are using, you can run Flight Simulator X at a variety of screen resolutions. The software runs at a minimum screen resolution of 1024 × 768. As you increase resolution to see more detail, you may notice a decrease in performance. Experiment with different resolutions to find the best combination of detail and performance.

In full-screen mode, Flight Simulator X uses the resolution that you set in the Display Settings dialog box, not the Microsoft Windows desktop resolution.

Use full-screen mode

Full-screen mode maximizes the Flight Simulator X window to fill the whole screen. Full-screen mode is likely to improve performance.

Note Full-screen mode hides the menu bar and the taskbar.

To toggle between full-screen mode and windowed mode, press ALT+ENTER. Or, on the Views menu, select Full Screen. To display a menu in full-screen mode, press ALT.

Change the display settings

You can improve performance in Flight Simulator X when you change the display settings. Each display setting has a different effect. The changes that you make apply to all flights. The effect of turning a setting on or off is noticeable only when you are using an effect that is related to that option. For example, turning the Shadows option off will not have much effect if you are flying in the clouds. To change the display settings, use one of the following methods:

* On the main screen, click Settings, click Customize, make the changes that you want to the customize options, and then click OK.

* On the Options menu, point to Settings, click Display, make the changes that you want to the display options, and then click OK.

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Very happy to report that the laptop is very much capable & taking teh resolution to 1024x768 completely solved the problem.

Thanks for the help.


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