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Roof Spoiler

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where can i by a roof spoiler

their is someone on here with a bmw spoiler stuck on their rear window cant remember who though but it looks amazin!

never seen a roof spoiler for a is?unless you mean that vortex thing that you find on the roof of the evos?

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I pm'd Rod/Boddamloon a few weeks back and the 1 he had fitted to his I200 was a BMW E36 roof spoiler, He had to file/sand about half an inch off each end as its about an inch too long to make it fit, the one he had looks very like the ones on ebay for the e46 bmw? You can also get them on ebay that are made for the is200 or from places like EPRacing in carbon fibre or fibreglass :)

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Bazza has one on his IS, not sure which one it is , dont think its the BMW one.

Yeh think its the UGO 1 that fitted to Bazza's rarer than rocking horse doo doo :whistling: was having a good look at it at JAE last year :)

Yeah your right chris, it is the UGO one, didnt know they were rare though !

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