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Time To Let My Lexus Go... But Evo 8 Or M3 Time


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the time has come for me to sell my lexus on

this is the forth is200 iv had great cars but want some more power

so my car is for sale

ok shall i go for a evo 8 or e46 m3 mmmmmmm ??????????

shame lexus dont perform even if i pit another 5k into the cat it will never drive like the obove

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They're both very nice cars mate, personally I'd go for the M5 over both though!

Whichever one you go for you'll get a cracking deal at the moment though!

The Evo would probably be more fun, but if you're doing loads of commuting I'd go with the M3 out of your two choices :)

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Whichever one you go for you're going to want more power out of when you get used to it - I'd guess it would be easier to work with the Evo initially as it's turbo so up the boost etc but then you could also go down the M3 Supercharged route like Raj did off here which is madness :)

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to be honest iv had 2 ok offers

but im being tite ond aholding out

maybe finding it hard to let go

this was my 4th is lol

sometimes i make myself laff im selling but still looking for mods lol

I know the feeling mate. Sort of like, the end of an era eh?! How come its your fourth? Excuse me if im being nosey fella ;)

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lol its ok the first 1 i got was back in 2001 it was a aztec fire se with high milage

had a lil bump got it repaired then sum lil **** chucked a stone at i damages rear quarter had repair but wasnt the best color match so got rid

and got bmw 328 didnt likeit so got another is silver plat ice then one day took a mate out in it and he offered mr a silly amount of money for it so soldit

and went out and got another silver one next day lol

then a tear later was driving about and saw this 1 for sale so always wanted 1 in red so sold me other and got this best 1 iv had

in my time iv seen 40 plus when i was looking to buy but never as clean as this

and with this 1 got the moding bug lol

and 11k later im here

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