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Hello all , my name is abbott i have been trolling these forums for a good while i thought i should maybe join up as im about to finally get myself an is200 ,

i have wanted one for years but unfortunately they have either been out my price bracket or i have been playing about in subaru's/skylines .

Now i have decided is the time to make a purchase , at present i am driving a 96 EK honda civic hatch (AtoB car) and a Mondeo estate for the family car :whistling: . Now a few days ago as i was coming into Inverness i was sitting behind a nice orangey red is200 and the love for these slapped me round the head once more , so i came home and did a little research and hey presto i can finally afford a car i used to want when i was younger ! Not only that i am absolutely flabbergasted (yes thats right flabbergasted) at the ridiculously low insurance costs !

me being 27 my girlfriend is 22

1.5 honda civic ......currently paying £780

2.0 mondeo ghia....currently paying £700

did a quote for an is200 sport on a 00 plate and got a quote for £380 fully comp :blush:

anyways full apologies for writing a story but thought id let you all know how i ended up here ! :shifty:

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Welcome to LOC :)

Result on the insurance there - I did the same back in 03, got an insurance quote, was happy with it and bought one within a day or two of having the first quote :)

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