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Connecting The Real Spoilerlight

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Helloooo, my spoiler will be nice and sprayed this week, so now comes the installation. im ok with fitting the spoiler (i think) but where does the spoiler light connect too? it has a connector on the end, will my boot just have one laying around ready?

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yeh i'll have to if thats the case,

you know the little plastic kinda grips off the spoiler that you push in the holes on the boot, im assuming they can be brought from anywhere and arn't a specific part to the spoiler?

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If you haven't got the plug in the boot just splice it into the brake light in the rear window as you can get to it pretty easily, I did mine that way and had no problems..

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how exactly do you do that?

You got to stick and drill your spoiler on first and make sure you drill one hole for the wire, then you got to route the wire under the panel in the boot lid and along either boot hinge(take the black cover off the hinge to hide the wire) then route it under the rear shelf in the boot, prise out the brake light in the rear window so you can get at the wires for it. Put the wire for the spoiler through a hole which is near the brake light and then just scotch lock the wires to the existing wires there... make sure you put the wires on the right ones with it been a LED light... then just pop your brake light back in and job sorted, 10 mins to wire up...

Hope it helps... very easy job

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