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Lpg Conversion

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Need some independant advice. Are there any members running the 03 model on gas?

What system are u using? Any problems?

How was the do-nut fitted with the spare underfloor? Or what did u do with the spare?

Where's the fuel cap fitted?

It's about 1850+vat in Belfast for this work & kit using Prinz.

I'd pay the conv back in 10 months of motoring, so it does make sense.

Have you noticed any different characteristics after conversion?

Consumption?; Timing?; Power?; Driveability? I've heard it takes most motors a few visits before the right set-up is found?

A lot of Q's I know but 1 last 1.

Haven't bought yet. It's a Dec 03 300SEL FLSH with 43k & a service due now.

Trader looking £9450, but informed from the trade big 4x4 falling badly at the turn of the year & should pick it up for £6k????

I know ridiculously low & u might not want to admit it, but whats your gut feeling with new sales on the market down 38% to Nov 08?

Most of the sites are book prices before you get haggling.

But want they want & what they get are 2 different things!

Any help appreciated.

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