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Master Key Issue Is200


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Ok guys,

I think I will go crazy...I've had an issue with my horn and I had to reopen the bloody steering wheel. In order to do that I 've disconected the Battery because I dont want to deploy the airbag. Anyway, I will have to go down to an electrician to have a look at it as I spent too much time on it.

BUT the remote key doesn't work anymore. I dont think that is the baterry as it was working few hours ago. Now I am not really sure whats the cause of it. Do I need to reprogram the master key(if thats possible), or buy another one....or I don't know ...sell it?

If I disconnect the Battery is the whole thing resets and needs reprogram :blush: ing? PLease let me know as I am on the edge of loosing my mind :tsktsk:

Well not really but it is very annoying .

Thanks you in advance.

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have a look at the top of the main is200 page you will find this

Pinned: Need A New Key? You Need To Read This.... 123» 5

HOW TO PROGRAMME IS200 KEYS - Step by Step Guide 82 84Stoney 15700 28th December 2008 - 08:51 AM

Last post by: Steviewevie

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