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Import Rear Number Plate Size?


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I'm trying to find an answer to what is the size numberplate that a proper Japanese car would have on the rear - like the one in my avatar!

When I'm Googling this I'm getting various answers:





Just wondered if any of you knew for definite please?

Just been doing some calculations and I reckon a legal JDM plate for my reg would be 8.11x6.22 inches without anything other than characters - I could increase the width to put on a GB symbol etc quite easily.

One thing I have noticed is that the numberplate rules for import size plates only quote size, width, space between characters and also something caled "character stroke" - anyone know what that means please?

This is the table I'm working off:

Character Height


Character Width


Character Stroke


Space between characters


I don't get what the stroke is for as surely the max each character will be is 44mm plus the 10mm for the trailing space?

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Thinking about it that is pretty obvious - having a blonde day today :lol:

Cheers mate, so that's just for the people making the plate to worry about :D


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Japanese import rears are in the main 13” wide but the height varies – 6”, 6½“, 6¾“, 7” and 8”.

on my Import Hilux the rear plate, was dictated by the size of the holder so my rear plate is 13" x 6½“

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Thank-you fella :)

Just contemplating ordering a holder, just wondering if a USA style holder would look nice on the back! There's a CF one on eBay for 109 quid - JDM sized but that's a price!

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Ordered one today mate - took some measurements off the boot and I've got for:

11 x 6.5 inches

I can see it's going to need some serious clean up work as it's all covered in loads of old double sided sticky pads :(

Hoping it will get me an end result similar to the motor in my avatar :)

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