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I am going to look at a 02 IS200 Sport (33k on the clock ), tonight found this site and thought I would say hello :D

Currently own a Mazda 323F Sport and have been on the site for several years.

Will trawl over the site before I take the test drive tonight but if anyone can point out anything I should look out for that would be great...........

If all goes well tonight I will be back with more questions!

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Just look for the usual things you would on any secondhand car, check inside rad cap, oil, etc

On the test drive check steering for play, brakes, suspension on speed bumps etc. Rust really

shouldn't be an issue as the chassis & bodywork seem quite resistant.

Obviously a full service history would be a good guide to how well the car has been looked after.

The only 'extra thing' to check for is chronic inside edge front tyre wear. This is a known issue on the

IS200/IS300, but a simple fix is available. This will of course (if found) give you a chance to beat that

price down a bit. Even if the tyres are wearing evenly, a full Geo Set-Up is a good precaution as they

may have been recently replaced, and the car will probably eat the front tyres unless it has been

previously to Wheels-InMotion (WIM) or had the car set up to the specific WIM settings.

Good luck, & welcome to LOC :D

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Many thanks for the quick replies and info, links etc as it has saved me a lot of time.

I will take the checklist along tonight and post tomorrow to let you know how it goes.

Good to see the people on here are a helpful as the 323F crowd

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All went well with the test drive last night and assuming the dealer gets the alloys refurbished and front brakes fixed on time should collect on Saturday afternoon. :D

Nice car to drive, shifts well once the revs are up and lots of toys as standard!

Reminds me a lot of my old sadly missed 323F ZXi V6 to drive

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