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Replacing Front Fog Lights


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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been posted before!

Could anyone give me any instructions for replacing the front fog lights please. Just got a new set of HID Xenon bulbs to replace all the front bulbs. I think I should be able to manage all the other front bulbs, though is there anything that I need to be aware of before I set about replacing (all of the front bulbs including the side lights)?

Any help appreciated



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Do I have to take the headlights out of the assembly to replace the bulbs and the side light bulbs?

No, they're easily accessible from the engine compartment. The bulbs just twist and pull out.

done mate. thanks for the info. Although the ligts on the front passenger side are a pain in the :tsktsk: to get to!!!

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I am thinking of buying those LED fog lights for my IS200.

Ebay item No: 280334636397

Plus looking to buy LED White Map bulb. Please help me find them on ebay.

Wouldnt bother with the LED fog lights mate, there not that bright and for the price you may aswell buy a set of hid's for them :)

Was going to buy some for mine but i havnt got any front fogs now :lol:

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