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Ls400 Stereo - Connecting To Mp3 Player And Bluetooth

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Hi All,

Happy New Year.

I would like to have handsfree Bluetooth functionality with my mobile.

I would also like to be able to play my ipod though the car stereo. I have not had much success with the FM transmitters so have been using the dummy cassette tape which is good quality but looks a mess.

I can imagine the the LS400 stereo is a bit of a nightmare to get out.

I am interested in what others have done.

Any advice or guidance is welcome.



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I use an iPod transmitter and I agree, its great when its on a blank station but they are all full on the range available on the Lex. The tuner in the van has a wider range and can pick up in the higher numbers where there is less going on. I've heard of a Bluetooth transmitter to the car radio but I guess that's the same problem getting a frequency that is clear most of the time. It was either in Comet or in Tesco.

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Go to eBay and type in:

New Wired 7 ch FM Stereo Modulator car audio dvd lcd

£23.49 inc postage

These go straight into the aerial socket instead of trasmitting the signal.

I had one in my 98 400 for my DVD player.

This page tells you how to get the stereo out:

The hardest part for me was pulling out the vents as they always fell to bits when I did it.

When you fit the unit run the aerial leads from the glove box so that it can be got at easily, and wire it up to a switch or just pop a plug on the end and run it off the cigar lighter, because you dont want it on all the time as it will block out all the radio stations when its on.

You can wire just about any audio source into it then.

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After a lot of trial and error I have finally found an easy way to get Bluetooth music and hands free phone in a 98 LS400 with Satnav (UK Model). This method involves no soldering whatsoever and is plug and play.

You need to buy a Dension Gateway Lite BT, as shown here: I paid about £90 for main off eBay.

You need need to plug the supplied three-way harness into the back of the CD changer and into the wiring loom that was plugged into the CD changer. The third plug plugs into the Dension Gateway Lite BT, I put mine in the glovebox as it also had a USB port and a line in that may be handy.

Instructions on how to get to the CD changer are here:

You then need to put some blank audio CDs in the changer to fool the system into thinking it is playing a CD.

That's it, wire in the microphone somewhere and pair your phone with Bluetooth. You can no now listen to music, skip tracks and answer and end calls all with your stereo controls, all wirelessly and it sounds great! The phone audio quality is also very good.

Disclaimer- this works great on my car but don't blame me if it does not work for yours! The CD display indicator flashes on the EMV but otherwise it plays and acts normally. I'm also not 100% sure the bass speaker on the rear parcel shelfs works, but I'm not sure it ever did as I never used the stereo before installing this kit. This was tested on an Iphone 6. If you need a blank CD making message me! Good luck.

Updated! Although this works well the volume is not as loud as a CD and there is no bass from the sub, I am guessing that the signal is not in phase so some modification of the Dension outputs might be needed.

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Need to re-read this thread which may be helpful.

Quick Q. with apols for slight diversion. Got a Sony Xplod MEX-BT3800U which has been in the box for two years sitting in front of me fixed to the new carry cradle.

Before I fit it I haven't a clue if the CD changer in the boot will connect to it? Anyone know if it will connect direct or with an adapter or is the fact they are two different brands a no no?

Using my MP3 with a transmitter has been ok but not brilliant. Bit worried that Sony's ATRAC on the MP3 may however not work on this unit so may still need the tiny transmitter. This is all making me hesitate the installation.


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Didn't install Sony as too complicated wiring. Not sure I could have used an FM transmitter in this car (the memory failing) as the Radio only has LW and MW.

The orignal bakck in place it has a pretty good sound, so will have to play my MP3 through my HP Ipaq. No other way without FM.

CD Changer still working for five of six slots.

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I have a 95 model with the Pioneer unit and am looking to replace the head unit. The LCD has gone and I would like a modern system with apple Carplay. Bluetooth etc. I am toying with a Pioneer double din unit with Navigation built in. Their isn't much the unit won't do however it is an expensive option. £700 for the unit but I figure I'd just take it with me whenever the car departs my care. If this isn't bad enough I will need to get the Beat Sonic SLA21A adapter so I can use the old amp, sub and speakers. The kicker here is that it will cost me circa £220 for what is little more than a couple of wires and some HiLow filters. You can only get the things from Japan or US so the import duties are part of what bumps the price up. So the whole setup will be stupid expensive. My car is however immaculate and very low mileage so probably worth it.

I did the CD changer wiring mod so I can plug the Iphone in. This works well but I don't have hands free. I would also like to get rid of the screen mounted sat nav hence the choice of head units.

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