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Wanted: Is200 Radiator

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is there any certain brands of rads to look for which are the best?

Most aftermarket radiators (from ebay/local motor factors) for the IS200 have a thinner core. This doesn't make a difference. The standard (OEM) radiator has a 27mm core, most radiators that are suppiled by ebay sellers have a 16mm core- like I said core size doesn't make a difference.

When my radiator sprung a leak, I got a aftermarket (non-oem) replacement from ebay, this is 16mm core. I have had this fitted to my IS200 for 26,000 miles now without causing any problems.

If you want a thick core (27mm) radiator, then go to Lexus- I was quoted £250 plus VAT by Lexus (and they wanted the old one back). I bought a replacement 16mm (thin core) radiator from ebay for £120. Make sure you use the correct Toyota (red) coolant.

Choice is yours my friend.

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Mine is made by AVA Cooling Systems- like in the 2nd link.

Do you have an auto or manual IS?

I'd try and get a specific rad for your car, rather than a universal one. For example, my IS is a manual, I've got a rad that only fits a manual IS, not a universal one which fits either a manual or auto IS.

Won't make any difference if you get a universal radiator.

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Just ordered my radiator from They're a very friendly company and knew what they were on about compared to other companies I rang. They deal with the AVA Cooling stuff which from my research is one of the best quality companies for rads. £125 delivered and it should be with me tomorrow :) After speaking to a guy called Chris, he told me that later on today the price will be going up slightly as due to the new year and the exchange rates etc the price is very low so there would be a slight increase but they could do mine for the current advertised price. Whilst on the phone to them I also asked them about discounts for owners club members but was informed that the prices are already as low as they can go so unfortunatly no discounts can be given for us.

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