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Dash Tray

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ok, this one had me stumped for a little while. I needed to remove my head unit (the dreaded ERR3), so I followed Wozza's walkthough. The first step is removing the dash tray, the bit with the central air vents, as shown below (mine is a plain version without Navigator).


ok, so according to the walkthrough you lever off the felt pad in the centre top of the tray, to get at the screws that are holding the tray down. This is the weird bit. After using more and more force to try and get the thing off (which wouldn't budge), I ended up breaking off the felt pad. It turns out that the felt pad was screwed down into the dash tray via screws from the underside (which explains why I couldn't lever it off !), see pics below including the broken bit (which I plan to glue back together).



Also, it turns out that my dash tray isn't held down by screws at all, it just yanks out. So actually there was no need for me to remove the felt pad at all, doh ! :nugget: But how was I to know this ? Look, no screws !


So, what's going on ? Is this something that is just on early cars ? Mine is a 1999 model Sport.

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Hmmmmmm very strange, glad you got it out in the end mate :D

Now what head Unit are you picking ?

Can I suggest a little change to the walkthrough to say that if the felt pad doesn't pop out easily, it might be screwed in ?

As for the head unit, good question, I need to start looking ! Think I might just go for a single DIN unit, I don't really need DVD/satnav etc, then perhaps I could get a more decent sound if I'm concentrating on CDs ?

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I had to change my cd player when I got the car, my dash tray is the same as yours, and my walk thru was correct for our model, there is another walkthru somewhere, I think I actually downloaded a walkthru in pdf

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Think there's an old post by Rob somewhere that covered this, I thought mine was screwed in but like you say a good pull and out she comes!

..:: Edit ::..

You already found it :)

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