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I can only answer for the 250sel, but it is the lower part of the windscreen that is heated, not all of it.

Also, there is a windscreen clearing button near your rear heated screen button but only seems to be effective if you have the fans on auto.

It does take a little while to warm up but is better if it climate/fans are on auto. Nothing happens for the first couple of minutes then they kick in with the heat.

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I find the 250Auto warms up far quicker than the 220d we have, not sure for the real reasons as to why

the reason is simple - the efficiency of the engine and the fuel.

As the diesel fuel makes less heat when burning then petrol and diesel consumps less, it takes ages to warm up.


Check if you have POWER HEAT (or something similar) button in the area of fuel/boot lid buttons. It is the eberspecher independent heater which helps to heat the engine. When it is -7 it heats my engine to 30% in 4kms.

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