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Remember Guys Is200 Is Rwd!

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Just had a heart stopping moment coming onto a slip road to a dual carriageway.

I usually drive very slowly these days as I like the thought of keeping my car for years, and I was certainly being more carefull than usual given the arctic conditions, however....

half spun it coming onto the sliproad bend, couldn't have been doing much more than 35mph, tried to correct with the throttle which overcorrected and clipped the curb puncturing the tyre.

Could of been alot worse, thankfully the tyre took all the damage, no damage what so ever to the car :whistling: worse thing was changing a tyre in arctic conditions, I think I earned my man badge of honour tonight :)

I think I'll neglect to pay my council tax this month in response to their incompetence in gritting procedures :tsktsk:

EDIT:- just to add it's an auto aswell which didn't help matters :duh:

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Glad you are ok mate and the Tyre was the only casualty.

If the road was icy driving a manual wouldn't have made a difference, in fact in Germany March 2008 in Arctic conditions, my car (with SNOW button on) seemed to fair very well against manual IS200's and a couple of

BMW 3 series in the snow


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