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Battery Questions Is200

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My Battery wasn't too happy about starting today. It started first time but it was slower than usual. Obviously

due to the weather at the moment the Battery is being drained quite a bit due to heated rear window, A/C,

heated seats, sound system etc plus I mosly use the car at night so add HID's as well to the list.

It is taking and holding a charge, but it is 2 & 1/2 years old & a lot is being continually asked of it.

The alternator is doing it's job fine and the belt is also adjusted correctly (before anyone asks).

Before it eventually fails, I am looking at possible replacements.

I would like the largest Battery that will fit the existing tray without any modification, it must have the

correct terminal arrangement, with the highest Ah (Amp Hour 60 minimum prefer >80) and CCA

(Cold Cranking Amps ?). Also I need to try to be within a reasonable budget. Also height is definately

an issue in the IS200 engine bay, so 225mm seems about the max height.

As standard OE replacement I have seen the

Type 005L Varta Asia Car Battery £68.99

(Short Code: D47)


Voltage - 12V

Capacity - 60Ah

CCA(EN) - 540A


232 x 173 x 225

I would however like to maybe try this one but worried about the width being too big for the Battery tray ?

Type 249 Varta Asia Car Battery £99.37

(Short Code: G7)

(Varta DIN: 595 104 068 or 595 404 083)


Voltage - 12V

Capacity - 95Ah

CCA(EN) - 830A


302 x 175 x 225

This one is for the LS400 (so the list says)

Both of these batteries have a 4 year guarantee.

Does anyone know if the Battery tray will take this ?

I know I could just go measure, but it's dark out and very very cold :shutit:

Any other suggestions/recommendations please ?

(no silly priced American ICE alternatives thanks, way way out of budget :crybaby:)

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odyssey pc1200 or hawker g42ep

should be around £165 or maybe even cheaper for the hawker if you can find em on the net..

i use a bigger model but as you are drawing less on your system you should be fine..

great Battery and i never have any power problems at all even on full power!

Starts first time every mornin..

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Calcium would be better than lead/acid. Not sure on dimensions but is there not a limit to Battery capability without compromising the alternator? Electrics are not my strongest point.

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You prob dont have the reciept, but if its two and a half years old is it not under warrenty? (normally 3years arent they?)


Normally 3yrs Lead-acid

4yrs Calcium

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I am sure my local Lexus Dealer fitted it, but I am sure I will have hassle trying to get a replacement as it isn't

dead yet, plus with all the 'extral electrical devices & ICE' they would be in their rights to refuse anyway, due to

the Battery being asked a lot more of it than originally intended.

Anyone know the biggest size that will fit in the existing tray ?

Standard Battery is approx 232mmW x 173mmD.

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I have a Varta fitted to mine and its been fault free (touch wood) for the past 2 and a half years!!

I was in the states over christmas for nearly 7 weeks, with the car on the drive in the UK in this weather, and it turned over off the key 1st time!! it'd only been started a couple times during that time and left to run for 5 mins. now that was impressive!!!

the missus's mini, on the other hand, died a death after 2 weeks!! lol!!

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mine is 276x 175x 199..

i had to raise it up slightly so that it fit in the tray but its in and secure..

you might just get the bigger varta in mate as there is a lot of clearance to the side.. as you say its height and depth that are quite confined..

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