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Vortex Exhausts


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Hi folks..

done a quick search on the forums and there is not a single thread about them.

they seem to be proven to reduce gasses and improve power.

i've seen (well heard) a few cars with them fitted and seriously sound great at full chat

just wanted some opinions on them...? some other forums, (landrover, mini) have flamed the idea to hell.

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Some bold clames there. I am thinking my janspeed may not be up to the 3sgte conversion, so if there is gains to be had I may look into Vortex further.

However I thought an engine needed back presure to work properly??


A Vortex ExhaustTM is better than a free-flowing stainless steel exhaust

The Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator is the best exhaust technology there is for power. It gives serious gains that free-flowing stainless steel exhaust or titanium exhausts can’t give. Whereas a Vortex exhaust can often give between 10 and 20 per cent improvement in power and torque free-flowing exhaust systems generally only deliver one or two per cent improvement, sometimes compromising power or torque.

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The only place I saw good reviews was on the Scooby site but I don't know if that's a Vortex brand exhaust or purely another brand that just happens to also have the Vortex effect - the place selling those is based near East Midlands Airport I think - J23 of the M1?

They just never backed up their claims on other sites.

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i think the scooby lot like another brand which just happens to use the word vortex... Afterburner Vortex Exhaust or something, which is actually the rear can, where as this is a unit that goes into the system (be it acting as a rear can or in the mid section)

here are some videos

they sound great at high revs, but not over the top at low revs

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