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Lexus Ipod Integration Kit / Sept 07 (57) 460se-l

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Apologies for raising the head of what appears to be a sore subject again but trawling through the forums I cant find an answer. I really would be very, very grateful for anyone with a definative answer / resolution to pass it on. I cant be the only LS owner with this problem, can I ??

Late last year I took delivery of my long awaited and much overdue LS460 SE-L I had been promising myself since LOC member Rillo converted me with his 430 (the delay was down to my own personal circumstances & then finding the right car) I spec'd the car with the ipod integration kit as the only additional luxury item I wanted.

Two days in, still with a huge smile on my face and loving my investment I called the local dealer while waiting for the kids to emerge from school to ask how to get the ipod to work.The friendly sales guy directed me to the head unit of the radio and told me to press the AUX button between the DISC and the FM buttons. As you can imagine, it all went quiet when I explained there wasnt an AUX button on my radio head unit. This I have since found out were fitted to the Oct 07 onward ML units. Mine is a Sept unit.

All I seem to get is the ipod seen as a single CD playing the entire library. No playlist names, no track names. All in all not what was expected. I've checked this with two ipods, mine that is three or four years old and my son's which is brand new with the same result.

Any help very much appreciated.

Thankyou ! and apologies for any repetition.

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