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Wiring Diagram For Stereo


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I have a kenwood headunit in at the moment. behind the cabling is a mess as its just been spliced together!

I need to get hold of a wiring diagram which says what colour cables do what (not for the kenwood). The loom cables are also very short how would you recommend extending them?

Ideally i want to extend the cables and then fit some sort of ISO block connector so in the future if i want to change my stereo its not a PITA!

I was thinking of getting this to splice this to the wiring loom on the altezza... Toyota ISO Harness

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but what i want to know is what colour wires are exactly what so when i'm splicing them together properly with an ISO harness i know what's what.

e.g. what colour the rear right and rear left speaker cables are, so on and so forth!

i'll double check if i have the amp everyone goes on about but as far as i know if its there its not in use. I'll know more at the weekend when i sort out my aerial reception (dont think the aerial amplifier is quite working...)

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I was having a fiddle behind the radio as I hadn't wired up the +12 Radio Amplifier cable! which incedently has fixed my poor radio reception problem!

I think what i'll be able to do is buy a Toyota MR2 (or similar i think) ISO wiring harness which i'll be able to chop so I can splice it into the wiring loom! What i think i'll have to do is splice it together the hard way buy disconnecting each cable one by one and connecting to the correct pin on the wiring loom.

I dont know if I have an amp but that's not in use anyway if its there! i might double check that tomorrow.

I might take some piccies so I can show the mess of whats behind the radio :)

thanks for all help so far :D

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