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Hid's For 46gbp

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I am about ready to order those ones:

ebay number: 350150153708

-direct link- (if it works...)

I am thinking to order 2 of them. One for my fogs too and since main beam and fogs

uses the same type of bulb, i will have a spare unit for my main lights just by

returning the fogs to OEM.

I wanted your opinion. Does anyone have them? Are there any alternatives at this price range?

They are really cheap!...


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I have heard the cheaper units as less reliable and can cause the bulb failier warning lights to come on how ever if you are going to use these for main beam and fogs then i wouldnt worry. I cant say what they are like i went for some slightly more expensive ones for mine as i am using them for my dipped beams.

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I personally don't think there's any difference between cheaper units and more expensive ones, other than the price. I don't have any evidence to back this up, but equally I haven't seen any evidence the other way either.

I'm sure I've seen others posting up links to this seller before, so although I don't have those ones myself, I'd be suprised if someone else doesn't have them.

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The main difference will be longevity between certain brands but unfortunately since there are that many out there now it's going to be a case of suck it and see in terms of how long each one lasts.

When I had my aftermarket Meccatune branded HIDs I went through a replacement set of bulbs and also both of the ballasts failed (at different times as well).

One way of looking at it is that it may cost six times as much for a set of Philips / Osram bulbs and Bosch ballasts but in real terms they may last six times longer than the equivalent items which are made in Korea.

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