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Stainless A/c Rings

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A lot of you may well have seen the current Group Buy thread for getting some new stainless aircon rings made up.

We currently have a guy who seems like he can make the sort of item that we're after, and we're just fine-tuning the exact size/fitting of the rings.

To help the guy out we're sending him a complete a/c unit so that he can test-fit the rings himself.

However, what would be *very* useful indeed is if the guy could also borrow one of the original rings so that he can measure it rather than use trial and error to end up with the right size - i.e. given that we already know that the original rings look the part, i.e. are the right depth and cover the ring nicely.

Please, is there someone out there who has the original rings, who would be willing to part with one for a short period of time, and to post it to this guy (details are in the Group Buy thread) ? Obviously you're sending it at your own risk, i.e. in theory it could get lost in the post, but I'm pretty sure that if disaster did strike then other members would make sure you didn't lose out in your attempts to help (e.g. by getting you some new rings from the Group Buy). We would ask the guy to send it back to you once he was finished measuring it and checking it out fully.

Thanks very much in advance :D

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