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Decent Mobile Car Kit

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Anyone know of a good car kit for a nokia n96?

ideally these are the features i want.

Bluetooth (if not a cradle will have to do)

No visable wires

Ability to play through car speakers

Im open to other ideas too.

I leave it in your good hands

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parrot mki 9200

its bluetoth, can plug in an ipod, mempory card or usb stick and play music of these as well as controls them displaying the track info on the lcd screen. comes with a wireless remote and can also stream music of your phone over BT.

i does work through the car speakers..

fantastic kit. i just fitted on in my moms car for her..

car kit

if you want a cheaper option i have a parrot 3200 avaliable..

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9200 is a fantastic kit!!

usb and card reader to play music and full ipod/iphone control including its own little display for all the trach titles and pic id!!

works very well!!

How much did you pay?

If enough people were interested in this i may be able to work out a group buy inc installation...

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£179.99 for the kit inc installation - but need 2x SOT leads at an extra £60 (one wiring loom to the HU and one to the amp in the boot) - So £240 all in fitted.

Seen for £134.00 online but thats just the kit - then you need the 2 leads - then the fitting - so wasnt worth the hassle - didnt want to fit myself as I'm not great with that type of thing.....

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