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Meccatune Hids

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Hi, I brought the Meccatune 9006 fitment with 6000K bulbs, one of them blew and so I ordered a replacement. Unfortunately almost all the connectors were different on the replacement bulbs. Sadly Prolex (where I got them originally) dont have any spares. Anyone know where I can source some. I thought these connectors were universal no matter where you brought them? I got the exact same ones (i.e. 9006) as before. :whistling:

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Where did you get the replacements from mate? If I remember right the Meccatunes have the two round connectors and a standard power connector too?

May be worth taking a pic so the other lads with the kits can point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, how much did the replacement bulbs cost as a matter of interest - as the way things have gone you may be better just ordering a new set of the 46 quid ones including both bulbs and ballasts?

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