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Replacing Seat Belt


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I'm toying with the idea of replacing my drivers side seat belt as one of the previous owners appears to have done some very random things to the material (it's got very small holes in a couple of places) - and just wondered if it's a simple process?

I've seen one going on eBay and the unit appears very simple indeed.

Is it literally just a case of popping off the side covering and undoing a couple of bolts and swapping over or can it do silly things like set off the airbags etc?

If it's easy I'll just get one ordered from Mr T and swap it over, whereas if it's more involved I'll leave it as is!

Thanks in advance :)

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Cheers for that fella - in that case I'll probably leave as is as I don't want to be knackering any bolts up - I hate it when that happens, did one of the ones that was holding my back seats in but luckily managed to get my hands on a 6 sided bit that did the trick before I completely rounded it off!

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I've not actually bought one yet to be honest.

I did see one on eBay but for something like a seatbelt I think that definitely warrants a brand new part!

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