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For All You Modifyers, A Question


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Right guys can anyone point me i the right direction. Need advice on where to obtain a upgrade turbo kit for a 94 Supra, which isnt stupidly expensive

im guessing Aristo's have the same turbos, not sure wether thats correct or not

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Yeah mate they're identical turbos

As for an upgrade for an NA though - in all honest pal best bang for the buck would be an XS Power kit - some seen to run them fine but they haven't got a great rep over on sites such as

To be fair you'd probably be best asking this very question over there as there are loads who have gone the NA-T route with the GE engine :)

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The cars already twin turbo but just standard, i dont really want to start joining other sites to be honest matey. means more junk mail.

reason i asked on here is a know there is a few members who have purchased turbos for other models and may be able give me an insight on where to buy from.

the car is a twin turbo import, we are looking somewhere in the 300's, not sure what it runs standard

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Theres some Hybrid turbos on eBay at the moment mate but as has been said they are not that reliable.

If you just looking for 300-350ish then stick with the standard turbos. just get some replacements for the ones on at the moment.

You can pick them up quite cheap on or i think Aido's got a load in his garage, maybe he has a pair he can sell you.

But IMHO if your just wanting 300ish then stick with everything standard just wind the boost up a tad and replace the tubbies with a better/recon'd pair of standard uk ones.


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Search the Supra forum for BPU (basic performance upgrade). I think it's in the FAQs section.

If you free up the exhaust (e.g. a full decat) you'll have to fit a restrictor ring in the exhaust to bring the boost back down to a level that the J-spec wastegate can handle.

As said above, the UK-spec turbos can handle more boost because of the steel wheels and the larger wastegate, but you'll need the whole set up from the manifold back.

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Do you know what's already on this car Chris in terms of mods?

Like the guys say BPU will get you a long way as Gareth says - should be easy to get it to the 350 mark on the existing turbos?

A step up from that is hybrids which you're looking at around £1500 for I think for the pair which should take you into the 400's but then you'll need to address fueling and so on - probably injectors, piggyback ECU etc, that's where you have to be careful not to lean it out!

Most of the Supra guys just rip the twin turbos out and go down the single turbo route now, a wellmatched small turbo still spools up pretty early and can get you more than enough power :)

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They'll be fine mate, get a boost controller in there, exhaust, decat like has been said and run her at 1.1 to 1.2 bar tops and you've got a big improvement straight away - as has been mentioned the restrictor ring is import on the imports to stop it overboosting - doesn't happen with UK spec turbos I believe :)

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