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Urgent Help Finding Corner Spats And Eyebrows Please


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Hi fellow members, Need urgent help in locating a Driver side Corner Spat and a Eyebrow for my Is200 .

My baby found black ice and the central barrier to stop it from going off the bridge, ( the mrs's was driving at the time :tsktsk: ) :crybaby: all fine luckly, just shaken up, and she was only doing about 20mph :question::crybaby:

The insurance are sorting it all out but not replacing the Driver side Corner Spat and the Eyebrow hence the urgent appeal, the engineer is willing to fit it on for free if manage to get hold off them.

I had a scan on feebay but no joy. :question:

Any links (trustworthy) or any guys here selling one or even 2 please?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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What sort of eyebrow?

The flat ones or the curvy ones?

dont have on, but the info may help.

Its the Curvy ones, I think they are the Toms ones but not too sure :question:

I will search Tg parts for the Spats even if i have to buy the pair, cheers edeath. :winky:

Cheers and keep the info coming please?


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why isnt the insurance paying for it?

I think there's a bit of a trend over here where they'll happily charge you more to cover you for mods but then when it comes to claiming they'll only return the car to standard spec or whatever the standard was for that particular model.

Bit of a joke really!!

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Yeah you need to check whether your insurance covers your mods "like for like". It's one thing to have your car insured with the mods on, but it doesn't necessarily mean that if those mods are damaged that the insurers will pay for them, as Aido says.

I believe that Sky Insurance (LOC trader) *do* cover mods like for like.

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Cheers for the ebay links, :D

I have emailed the shipping cost questions and awaiting replys. Has anyone bought anything from them before and any good?

Has far as the insureance, they didnot mind the mods, since they did not affect performace and were only minor cosmetic (not the full bodykit). But when it came to replacing the parts they were rejected :tsktsk: . So not to bad considering they did not charge anything extra and thus not replacing them :blink: .

Know the mission is to find a suitable set of Alloy wheels for the baby :winky: . Hopefully i can get them fromthe back off the insurance :winky: Explained: front Alloy wheel is damaged (minor) so was listed to be replaced. Insurance agreed at a cost of £238 + VAT :ohmy: . So had a chat to the technician and said if i was to get a set of alloy wheels very simillar to the new Lesus ones will they mind replacing them set instead of the 1? He said get me the company and i will see what i can do for you :) . i will pay the difference and hopefullly i can get a set of alloys.

So what i need is any suitable set which will go nice with my baby nothing to crazy and a budge around £300 or so. I like the sytle of the 9 spoke alloys from the newer lexus models and perhaps the 18" will suite it better. I am aware that there a massive selection of alloys but i need to get this done quick time.

So here were go again and many thanks for all your pointers and tips.



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