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Are All Fuse Pullers The Same?


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One thing that was missing when I got my car was the fuse puller - so I'm always messing around with a screwdriver trying to get them out.

Halfords to one for 2 quid - are these things all identical in that if I get that it will fit in the fuse box, or is it worth getting the proper Toyota item (82616‑20010)?

Thanks in advance :)

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Up to you really fella. how much is this fuse puller?

See you've suppased 10,000 posts now as well! well done! part of the elite three (you, Aztec, and Mat) lol

Also, do you just spend all your time now on here and with your head stuck in the EPC? lol

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Think they're both about two quid mate, mind you seeing as I ordered an 88p screw I'm sure they won't mind :lol:

I need to get out more - stuck in on a Friday is new territory for me :lol:

Roll on March and the trip to Trance Energy in Utrecht - I've got everything crossed that I'll be able to drink again then!

To be fair mate got allsorts on the go at the minute on here! Dislocated or sprained my hand on NYE so just recovering from that so just been surfing loads!

Found lots of good stuff though - bought about a years worth of training material for myself when I get back to work - must have bought 25 disks worth of stuff off eBay! Then playing around with a new website I'm tinkering with, then reading up loads on Aristos and Supras! Plus I go on quite a few other forums too so been playing around on there as well - this is the first forum I got to 10k on though - had similar on another site but they kept losing the database and eventually all the good stuff was gone!

There's loads of you lot that will be past me in no time at all anyway :P

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long nose pliers

Just gonna get a replacement that fits in the fuse box mate, always does my head in as I forget once I've done what I want to do and then months later open it and remember :lol:

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