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Annoying Steering Noise


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I need a little help with my 54 plate IS200 SE.

A couple of days back it developed a creaking noise from the bottom of the steering column, this came on quite suddenly and can be pretty loud at parking speeds or during lower speed bends. The only thing I've done differently recently is a couple of gentle doughnuts in the works car park when it was covered in snow, couldn't resist :D

The noise is coming from either the universal joint on the end of the steering column (next to the exhaust manifold heat shield) or from the steering rack beneath it, it was conserably reduced when I applied a little WD40 to those specific areas. I can't get rid of it though and it's still quite bad when the car is stone cold.

Has anybody got any suggestions as to which bit is on it's way out, I can't tell if the creaking noise is from a rubber bush or if it's a metallic noise (I assume something would have sheared off by now if this was the case) but it's bloody embarrassing when parking. The steering feels ok if not amazing but I put that down to worn tyres and cold weather.


Edited to add a picture, red arrows indicate where I think the noise is coming from.


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could be a dodgy steering rack/box or maybe a rubber bush creaking?

Thanks, I think you're probably right.

I'm going to have to go to my local garage (not Lexus because I'm skint) for a diagnosis here, the steering definitely feeling a little too weird. I'm going to take it to the performance specialists that did an excellent job of maintaining my Impreza, does anybody have any other recommendations in the North Manchester (Bury/Bolton) area?

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This is interesting, I've got a rattle from my steering column and after looking at it on-and-off for a few months now I think it's the bottom universal joint, the one near where the column exits the cabin. Is that the same one as you mean?

It's just occurred to me I should try some WD40 too and see if that helps.

Mine is a 54 plate too.

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It's not North Manchester but I always used Charlesworth Motors in Charlesworth near Glossop - they're as good as you're going to get :)

Thanks for the info. I thinks I'll go with the local guy because a drive to Glossop really doesn't appeal in a car with slightly suspect steering. If I had a supercharger conversion and a new set of Toyo T1R's I'd love a crack at those country roads, the mere thought of a decent driving road makes me miss the Scooby Turbo even more

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if you hold the bottom uj whilst someone is turning the wheel (becarful of ur fingers) u will be able to determin if there is any play in the joint, if this is ok then check the rest of the rack for play, and the two main bolts which hold the rack to the subframe, these can be just that little bit loose, and when turning the wheels it causes them to creak and squeek.

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