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Is200 Satnav Failure

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I hope all had a fan-tab-ulous Christmas and New year!

I'm having SATNAV Issues and was hoping someone out there might be able to push me in the right direction.

My 52 IS200 had been standing for about a week in the v.cold conditions we've had, the Battery needs replacing and is on my long list of things to do, i came to start my Lexus up the other day and i need a jump from another car to get it going. I then noticed my SATNAV wouldn't turn on no matter what buttons i pressed. But it had been working normally the last time i drove the car.

When i start the car now the SATNAV display opens and flashes up the Lexus logo as usual (so the display works) then it just goes blank, all the buttons are unresponsive, any help would be greatly appreicated.

I'm hoping its user error rather than the car as that is the much cheaper alternative.


P.S: How do you reset the ECU, i've been reading that this cures alot of ills in the car but haven't a clue how to perform it? Sounds like some sort of secret handshake to me! :lol:

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You may want to check the disc in the boot. If its anything like mine which is a 2005 is then you will need to take up the carpet in the boot then the tray with the tools under that should be the box of tricks the sat nav uses. The drive will be covered buy a metal shield just remove this buy undoing the bolts you will see. Then eject the disc. It is posible that the condensation has made the disc difficult to read and may need a clean. However if it just wont boot up it might not be this but its worth a try. Also check the connection to that box make sure its not lose. The drivers door speakers are connected to this box do they work when the stereo is on as this may indicate a malfunction with it.

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Hallelujah!! :lol:

After an hour or so of checking the SATNAV box, cleaning the Disc and checking the fuses i eventually found the that the power supply fuse to the SATNAV box had blown. A quick rumage in the garage and a new 7.5A fuse later the SATNAV is now working correctly and yes giving me rather bizzare route plans which i generally ignore anyway!

Cheers for the advice guys!

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I've had exactly the same problem! My local dealer suggested removing the disc and cleaning it etc. But i cant remove it? I push the eject button and it buzzes but doesnt eject!?

i found it worked for a few seconds....then it went back to its error message of "unable to read disc"

any help folks?

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Hmmm not too sure, have you checked the fuses for the SatNav?

Have a look in this manual IS200 manual

The particular diagram your looking for is Lexus SatNav Circuit diagram

This tells you all the fuses you need to check.

However If its powering up, then it doesn't sound like a fuse to me. Best bet is to speak to your local dealership, as it sounds like a problem with the SatNav ECU unit it self.

Sorry i can't b anymore help.

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