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New Rubbers Needed - For The New Alloys..woohoo...

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changing my tyres as they are knackered per my MOT..

225/45/17/w90 fronts and 245/45/17w90 rears...currently OEM Dunlop Sport Maxx

I have just been quoted 480 quid for the full set of Dunlop Sport Maxx all inc from Kwik this ok?

alternatively they wanted 500 quid for the Continental sport contact 2 which they claimed would be an 'upgrade' from the dunlops...

as the Dunlops and Contis are supposedley Premium tyres...compared to Toyos or Falkens and the price diff is less than 100 quid for the full set I'd appreciate your comments..on price vs performance vs durability issue

I'm only doing low mileage 8k a year roughly and its usually the school run (complete with kerbing) and a bit of motorway weekends for the shopping centres...your thoughts and comments appreciated

Also had a bit of a result at the dealers today as they have agreed to change the alloys (cos of the bubbling issue..which I would never have known about BUT for this forum)...will they also do the wheel alignment again at this time? (otherwise it will be a trip to see the people at WIM)

I did ask WIM for some quotes (who are top blokes btw) but they could not source the rears for the Dunlops...and I am keen on getting a full set

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