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Snow Foam / Halfords Pressure Washer 2800


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Hi All,

I have just bought a Halfords pressure washer and used it on my GS, using turtle waz universal cleaner (can be used on cars apparently). I'm not entirely impressed , particularly as I have just seen the pic of the snow foam.

I was wondering whether you can help??

- How can I use snow foam and can it be used on a Halfords pressure washer???

- or do I need to buy a different lance and would it fit the Halfords pressure washer????

If anyone has a Halfords pressure washer, would you know whether the solution need be diluted prior to adding to the detergent compartment or does the washer dilute it itself to 20 - 1 ratio??

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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U need to buy a special lance and that takes care of the dilution rates etc. best thing is to pop over to and look in the "wash" section - loads of posts on snowfoam lances etc. and all different types of snowfoam

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What Rob said :winky:

Specifically check out this thread on detailing World, which shows how you can calculate how much snow foam solution you need to put into your foam lance to arrive at the manufacturer's recommended ratio. All combinations of washers/foam lances/water supplies will deliver different amounts of foam, which is why you need to do the calculation show there.

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You'll need to budget £45 ish for a lance with the fitting required for the trigger lance - send the company whom you're buying it from a pic, so they can send the right type.

Either cleanyourcar or

The lance is used with high pressure feed, so the detergent tank on the pw is not in use (only sucks on low pressure setting), and you'll be diluting the foam in the lance container, as per the maths in the link above.

That's it, you'll be pre-wash foaming from then on.

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Thanks you all for the advice, it was greatly appreciated

I have now bought a lance, ph snow foam and some wash. Can't to snow foam this weekend.


snow foam is a good pre-wash product and ill remove the heavy gritty dirt from your well it works depends on how much wax/sealant

that you have on your paint.using a good shampoo with paintwork conditioners is the next step,don't be tempted too use a stronger snow foam dilution than is recommended as that could strip away your wax /sealant.

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