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A Faint Knocking Noise


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Only noticed it when the engine is cold and idleling I can hear it inside and outside of the car sounds like its coming from the middle or the rear of the car but quite hard to pinpoint it seems to go away when the engine has warmed up,

I never had anything like this with my old IS...

Any Ideas please guys?



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there are 3 things you need to know.

the type of oil.

valve clearance.

oil pump wearing out.

if the type of oil you are using is too thick that might be an issue.when u start yo car oil has 2 rise to yo tappets that control if oil does not reach there fast u myt hear a noise because theres lack of oil. when oil heats up it becomes smoother thats wen u u hear e moise going.i suggest u buy yo own oil i use mobil1 0w/40.garages tend to use cheap oil n charge u more.there oil may last up 5000miles yet mobil1 lasts yo own staff if yu cant do it let e garage charge yu labour only.

valve clearance does make noise as yo car get older meaning u myt need retuning yo car if pehaps u got 75-100k miles on yo lexus.remember oil type does affect durabilty of y car.

oil pumps dont usually die unless theres a blockage to stop oil from circulating.u never know.

i service my own car...keeps m away from gng bk 2 them.

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