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Guys, I have some very strange problem.

Some time back I had to put baby seat at the back seat, I used the seat belt to hold it tight, & plug the belt clip in to seat buckle.

Now I had to use a little bigger seat (a type to seat which use a booster seat, but hold the child from both shoulders)

when I release the buckle the belt is not reclining back to its original position, the new seat require less of belt, so the seat is loose. Is their some mechanical reset mechanism, so when belt is released spring should pull it back.

Can some one please guide me how to reset that.


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I had done one mistake,

While I was removing the 1st baby seat, the belt was their not going back, some times it happens to my front seats as well, to correct the problem, I gently pull a bit of belt & when I release the belt, it will go back automatically,

But in this case, I did the same, pull some of the belt, so the lock is released, but their were only one or two clicks left in belt rolling mechanism, now the belt is fully pulled to its length & I can not pull it more to release the lock.

I need one advise, I was reading this article

where one of our Lexus club member aido had posted a link

Would that be a wise decision, if I follow the same path, but to reset the belt mechanism.

Please advise.

Kind regards


can you not feed to back manually? I find the rear belts don't auto retract well on my RX300 anymore after years of baby seats being installed. I need to look at these to see if a quick lube will sort them.
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To be honest I never actually saw any reset bits on the belt mechanisms but in all fairness I didn't really take any notice of them.

May be worth a go - worst case is while it's apart you could replace it if needs be with another from the dealer?

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