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I'm Back


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Happy new year everyone!

Just got back from just over 2 weeks in Florida and blimey is it cold here! It was 27 degrees the whole time I was there so coming back to -2 wasn't nice at all :crybaby:

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new years, what have I missed on here? How was the xmas party and all? Haven't been around the forum much yet but I hope there are some pics around to see the aftermath!

I wish everyone all the best for 2009 :D

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Welcome back fella, how was the trip?

The Xmas Do was a very sober experience :crying: It was good really though :D

Sober? No way! Lol :lol: Glad it was a good night though!

Trip was good, nice to escape to the warmth and relax, there was a bit of business involved though as we turned our game room from this:


into this:


Other than that it was all good, disney fireworks for new years was mental! :hehe:

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That looks ace! If I had a games room I'd never leave the house!

Cheers, yep it's really hard each time to leave that place and come back to our boring house in the cold with no games room, pool or spa :crybaby:

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