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I had my 2004 is200 serviced at Lexus Lincoln last month - 40 k miles, MoT and new pads and discs came to a shade under £800, which certainly took the wind out of my sails. I've no complaints at all about the dealership, but I've no intention of paying that sort of loot again. (my previous car cost less than that!!)

Is there anything in the servicing line that cannot be handled by a competent mechanic - my previous cars have been looked after by a well regarded chap in Hull whom I'd gladly use again, or would I need to seek out a Lexus specialist? If so, can anyone recommend a garage in the Humberside/Lincs area - I live in Grimsby.


PS They did throw in a bottle of red and a can of semi-synthetic as a cushion!

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It can be serviced by any competent mechanic - if you've found a good one then he'll be fine with it :)

All the parts you need can be bought from Toyota or Lexus.

I always take mine to Charlesworth Motors over near Glossop - best garage I've ever used thanks to Gord introducing me and always a good laugh to boot :D

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How much of that was for the pads and discs :question:

The reason I ask is that I just got some rear pads and discs off ebay for £60 inc delivery and was charged £45 to fit them by a small local my MOT done for £50 at another.

This guy (friend of family) was rebuilding a 02 Merc engine and a newish Audi A6 so Im quite he happy can cope with the Lex.

Im due a free 60k service by Lexus soon but I know they would try and stiff me for the pads /discs so beat them to it :winky:

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