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Aftermarket Facia

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By the way, the walkthrough doesn't specifically show a double-DIN example. But I'm in the process of sorting mine out on the moment. I intend to post up some pics of that to add to the walkthrough, depends how long it takes me I guess as to whether I'll have my pics up in time for you !

The instructions with the fascia show how to use it either for double-DIN or single-DIN.

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Trouble with the Toyota fascia is that you lose the heated seat switches, don't you ?

Not if you modify it a bit, which is easy :)


i dont have heated seats but do you lose traction contron and snow mode?

There is already an empty hole where the TRC/snow buttons are supposed to be placed. That means you don't have to modify the facia at all.

have i just brought your satnav? thats the same one i just brought off ebay

No, you didn't buy mine, but after I made mine quite a few people got inspired and did the same :)

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so if i buy the toyota one, its a straight swap? no modification needed at all and my trac n snow fit ok? and its double din??

Where can i get one?

Yes, yes, yes and yes mate :)

You can get it from the nearest Toyota or Lexus dealer.

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