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Speed Limit Reductions


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Living in Derbyshire I have noticed more and more roads are having their speed limits reduced.

These are mainly previously de restricted roads, A and B class, that have now been reduced to 40MPH or extensions of the 30 MPH zones. These appear on on almost daily basis sometimes accompanied by a new speed camera.

I asked Derbyshire County Council for reasons but it was basically unanswered.

Is this a nationwide trend or is it localised.

I assume to hit Government targets with RTA's this is the method used i.e less speed less accidents.

In preparation for further reductions I have purchased a red flag so my partner can walk in front of the car. :whistling:

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Do you mean the roads to Chesterfield from Alfreton as they all came down recently too!

It is getting a bit silly - but saying that we're not as bad as Sheffield yet where the dual carriageways are 40mph - don't fancy doing that past Tesco on the A38!

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Good point the police station is just behind Tesco so you'd be in trouble if they see you from there!

They can hear me from there though when I go past - not so bad now my exhaust isn't blowing :lol:

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