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If anyone fancies a Lexus operator logo (it appears instead of Orange,One2One etc.) on their Nokia mobile, then either reply to this message or send me a u2u message with your mobile number and current mobile network. I have got all the stuff to do this via my pc and I will do it F.O.C to teamlexus members (I am just too damm generous:smilegrin:) If their is enough interest I will design a teamlexus operator logo. Let me know

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Is there going to be a definitive logo for team lexus? I would proudly adorn the team lexus emblem on my car and phone, but I do think it shouldn't stop there. Considering we're a community, why don't we collate our services and create some kind of directory. Respective to a thread earlier (Where do you work?), I think many members can benefit from each other. If someone is an insurance salesman (or works in a dealership, hint hint) and can get us all a discount, then its worth while. Everyone's happy. At the end of the day, Team Lexus would gain more recognition, more hits thus world domination. I realise this could potentially lead to a free for all advertising campaign, so it might get out of hand, but any feedback is surely productive feedback? If services are just listed, then maybe we could all benefit?

Just an idea

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I have already made a Team Lexus logo for Nokia Phones, you can find it at the link below.

It does cost money though as I do not have the stuff to do it for free, so if you can do it for free it is better, Andy I will send you the logos to use.


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