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Bluetooth Phone In Mkii Gs300 - Options?

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I am sure this has probably been covered somewhere, apologies if it has, could someone direct me to it?

I have a GS300 on an 04 plate, it has a Mark Levinson ICE but no Sat Nav. I have a Nokia N95 and would like to interface it to the stereo via Bluetooth.

I have carried out quite a few searches, but can't track down exactly the kit that I need. If possible I would like to use the cars speakers, but somewhere I have read that the music cant be muted on the ML systems?

Could anyone give me any pointers, full instructions with photos would be REAL handy (the sky is occasionally blue in my world too ;o])

I have an itouch that I would like to use too, preferably using the CD changer controls, anyone done this??

Thanks in advance


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Check if a Parrot Mki9200 will fit - Excellent bits of Kit -

Handsfree Car Kit (Bluetooth), A2DP (Bluetooth Music Streaming), USB connection for USB MP3 players, iPod/iPhone connection for iPods/IPhones, standard jack that can be plugged into any device with a headphone socket - plus can take SD Cards with MP3's etc on - all through the OEM headunit (mines a satnav though)

Colour screen + wireless control module

Just had one installed in my GS and its ;o)))

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