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Differences Between Rx400h Models

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Hello all!

I'm a newbie on this Forum. I just registered. :)

I'm living in Norway, and looking for a newer used Lexus RX400h.

Can anybody let me the visual differences between 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 models?

Right now, I'm looking around on the Net, especially in Germany.

Thanx in advance.



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I don't think there have been any substantial changes to the RX400h, but I know in 2008 they made some very minor changes, the door handles became chrome and the Lexus badges had a blue tint to them..........

Also the ICE system was upgraded with bigger screens (although many prefer the older system as it was more integrated)

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I think the 400h has remained pretty much untouched - apart from the necessary cosmetic nip/tuck. Can't say theres been much difference in this vehicle over the years - apart from those listed by the contributor above.

As usual, try to buy as new as you can and 'm sure you'll be satisfied with the Lexus back up and support. Do read through this forum thoroughly to understand the vehicle you may be buying...and welcome to the forum :)

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