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Connecting Sony Cd Changer To Is200/300 Factory Headunit

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Long time lurker, first time poster. Just picked myself up a 2002 IS300 Sportcross (no nav) and looking for some audio advice.

These forums are great, loads of useful information and tempting dangers to the bank balance. I’ll pop some pics of new purchase in the New Members Area.

Had a good search for this but apologies if this has been asked before.

Before trading in my old Peugeot I rescued my SonyCDX-T70MX 6 disk changer from the glove box. I had this connected via a Connects2 interface to the OEM headunit. It worked very well and I got quite used to having 6 MP3 CDs at my disposal and would like to fit this to the Lexus if possible.

Connects2 don’t list any parts for Lexus but do for Toyota .

CTATYS001 “old 12pin block”

CTATYS002 “new 12pin block”

From all the pictures of the back of IS headunits it looks very much like the “old 12pin block”

Has anyone used a Toyota Connects2 in a Lexus or have any other suggestions of how to connect this changer?


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Welcome mate,

Maybe take it out and have a look at the connections on the back of yours?

Then maybe email the seller, explain your predicament, and see if you can buy one, and if it doesnt fit they'll take it back, and if it does, theres a bigger market for them?


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I managed to get a loan of one of the connect2 aux input unit so thought i would give that a go. If it worked then i'd take the chance on the CD changer unit.


On sunday the cd player swallowed one of my fav CDs so i thought I'd try and retrieve the cd and try out the Connect2 unit at the same time.

Big thanks to Rob for the tray removal guide and to Hando for the headunit removal guide

Only thing i would add is when masking the dash edges use masking tape that is less than 10 years old!, mine kept falling off :crying:

Unit appeared to connect OK


But when all reconnected and my MP3 player connected up i didn't get the option of CD2 and the music from the MP3 and CD were both mixed together.

I don't hold out much hope for the CD changer unit.

On the plus side i did manage to rescue Tom Petty !


Seriously concidering a double din LCD head unit now.

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